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Every day some of the world's largest financial institutions, including many central banks, depend upon the SWIFT network for mission-critical settlement and information about of billions of dollars worth of transactions. Through our international SWIFT Service, iBank-Global offers corporations and individuals direct, fast-track access to the SWIFT network. iBank-Global, a global financial solutions leader, ensures peace of mind for organisations looking to streamline and automate operations, delivering secure, standardised SWIFT messages without the limitations of proprietary messaging systems.

Our service allows you to communicate directly with any financial institution or corporate organisation on the SWIFT network.  As a full service provider we deliver a seamless two-way interface between any host system and the SWIFT network to optimise cash and liquidity management, automated generation, reply processing and direct communication across domestic, regional or global operations. MT199, MT542, MT700, MT760, MT799, MT999 etc.

Types of messaging uses:







Transaction Exchange

Bulk Data Exchange

Interactive Services

Data Referencing

Business Intelligence

Relationship management aplications